• Clouds Over Camel's Hump by Michael McKennedy
    Clouds Over Camel's Hump

    May 2014 • West Bolton, Vermont

  • As Night Begins To Fall by Michael McKennedy
    As Night Begins To Fall

    Jan 2014 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Lake Champlain January 18th by Michael McKennedy
    Lake Champlain January 18th

    HDR • Jan 2014 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Upper Church Street Dec 14 by Michael McKennedy
    Upper Church Street Dec 14

    HDR • Dec 2013 • Mt. Mansfield, Vermont

  • Have A Seat And Enjoy The View by Michael McKennedy
    Have A Seat And Enjoy The View

    HDR • Nov 2013 • Mt. Mansfield, Vermont

  • Jingles by Michael McKennedy

    November 2012

  • Epcot China Ceiling by Michael McKennedy
    Epcot China Ceiling

    HDR • May 2012 • Florida

  • Camel's Hump To Mt. Mansfield 01 by Michael McKennedy
    Camel's Hump To Mansfield 01

    HDR • November 2012 • Huntington, Vermont

  • The Dock by Michael McKennedy
    The Dock

    HDR • November 2012 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Flower by Michael McKennedy
    Lilly 01

    HDR • June 2012

  • Dried, Sliced Fruit 01 by Michael McKennedy
    Dried, Sliced Fruit 01

    Still Life • November 2013

  • Lines by Michael McKennedy

    HDR • October 2012 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Hanging Around The Fair by Michael McKennedy
    Hanging Around The Fair

    Lomo Filter • September 2012 • Essex, Vermont

  • Website Design Services
    Website Design Services

    Custom • Template Based • Wordpress

I am a Vermont photographer
who also builds and maintains websites.

What I Do


I picked up my first Pentax K-1000 when I was a sophmore in high school. Since then I have made the transition to digital and my images have been used in a magazine, CD cover art, as the basis for artist paintings, in several websites. Photography is my passion.

If you would like to purchase any of my photographs click here.

Website Design

Website Design

I began creating websites in 2002 when I realized that you could right click on a webpage and view the source code. Since then I have created websites for many small local businesses including a cruise ship, architect/design firm, caterers, clock repair business, chiropractor, massage therapists, alternative health care practitioners, tour operators, a summer art camp, conversation group, and a baseball team.

For Information about my website design services click here.