• Clouds Over Camel's Hump by Michael McKennedy
    Clouds Over Camel's Hump

    May 2014 • West Bolton, Vermont

  • As Night Begins To Fall by Michael McKennedy
    As Night Begins To Fall

    Jan 2014 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Lake Champlain January 18th by Michael McKennedy
    Lake Champlain January 18th

    HDR • Jan 2014 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Upper Church Street Dec 14 by Michael McKennedy
    Upper Church Street Dec 14

    HDR • Dec 2013 • Mt. Mansfield, Vermont

  • Have A Seat And Enjoy The View by Michael McKennedy
    Have A Seat And Enjoy The View

    HDR • Nov 2013 • Mt. Mansfield, Vermont

  • Jingles by Michael McKennedy

    November 2012

  • Epcot China Ceiling by Michael McKennedy
    Epcot China Ceiling

    HDR • May 2012 • Florida

  • Camel's Hump To Mt. Mansfield 01 by Michael McKennedy
    Camel's Hump To Mansfield 01

    HDR • November 2012 • Huntington, Vermont

  • The Dock by Michael McKennedy
    The Dock

    HDR • November 2012 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Flower by Michael McKennedy
    Lilly 01

    HDR • June 2012

  • Dried, Sliced Fruit 01 by Michael McKennedy
    Dried, Sliced Fruit 01

    Still Life • November 2013

  • Lines by Michael McKennedy

    HDR • October 2012 • Burlington, Vermont

  • Hanging Around The Fair by Michael McKennedy
    Hanging Around The Fair

    Lomo Filter • September 2012 • Essex, Vermont

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What I Do


I picked up my first Pentax K-1000 when I was a sophmore in high school. Since then I have made the transition to digital and my images have been used in a magazine, CD cover art, as the basis for artist paintings, in several websites. Photography is my passion.

If you would like to purchase any of my photographs click here.